Under Pricing Your Product or Service is Risky Business

January 21, 2011

  One of the mistakes that novices to the industry make is they under price their products with the mistaken idea that if their goods are less expensive, then they will be more desirable.  This is not true – in fact this is harmful to your sales and your company image (branding).   When prices […]

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The real pricing formula is no formula at all…

February 3, 2010

The real pricing formula is no formula at all… It seems that everyone wants a formula for pricing their products. There actually is no exact formula as much as you would like there to be. It’s because pricing is both a strategy and subjective – what is someone willing to pay? What’s the mystique or […]

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Filling the gap

November 19, 2009

When I started my first business, I didn’t know the first thing about where to start, what to do or how to do it. I did it anyway. I simply got the ball rolling and the momentum started. I did not listen to people who told me I couldn’t or I needed more money or […]

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