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Getting Beyond Etsy | Beyond Craft Shows and Into the Big Blue Yonder of Making Money

April 18, 2011

Creative people ask me questions all the time about their creative product businesses. All sorts of questions – and usually they want to show me the products they’re making and ask me if they’re viable in the marketplace. I’ve discovered the reason for this question is not what I originally thought

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From Hobby to Business: Hobbies cost money, businesses make money

April 6, 2011

Lots of women start what I call a “side job” or small cottage industry at home. They do everything themselves and It’s a way to make extra money either selling online or at craft shows. And for those of us who love being creative it’s a terrific way to do what you love and make “some” money. But in the long run it may not be the best model for a fast track profitable product business making “real” money.

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