The Power of Focus | 30 Days Can Change Everything

by Jane Button on March 10, 2011

This week it hit me – 12 years ago I created my very first internet presence when I created a website.  Twelve years ago is light years when it comes to the internet – look how much things have changed!

Twelve years ago:

  • People were extremely skeptical about buying over the internet – too afraid to give you their credit cards online.
  • Google was barely born
  • AOL was the rage – oh my goodness!
  • PayPal was only just begun and no one really understood how it worked – plus you had to sign up and give personal information – oh my!
  • Shopping Carts were expensive – secretive and elite
  • Nobody knew what a blog was
  • No Facebook
  • No Twitter
  • Merchant accounts hesitated if you sold anything over the internet

I'm sure there are way many more things that have changed – these are just a few that would have greatly impacted my world and my success at the time.

rememberingI remember vividly being so determined and so dedicated to make it work. I knew nothing except that the internet was the answer – the internet would get us ahead of the pack – and the internet would make us money and get us out in the marketplace FAST against the big boys.

We could compete against them online.

Staying up till 2 or 3 am every night – getting up after a few hours sleep– grabbing coffee was a way of life for me over the course of about a month. I listened to DVDs with Michael Gerber (one of my all time favorites); Jim Rohn; Dan Kennedy (who at that time was obstinately against internet marketing) and Steven King who kept me entertained and amused.

Sure, I had tried hiring someone – and actually paid someone. But at that time – the web designers wanted to show off their ability to add cartoons that ran across the page. You get my drift. They didn't ask about what you wanted; they didn't know about marketing, selling or business. My guy did know how to add a little whale that swam through the ocean and spouted water!

We were in the dark ages 12 years ago – and just to have a website was cutting edge. To have one that worked and made money was incredible! I remember at the time people

saying that the internet was not going to work – people would never trust enough to buy online.

I'm here to tell you that those 30 days were some of the most powerful ones I've ever spent. And it's not because I learned to how to create a website; learned rudimentary html; listened to powerful gurus – it's really because I learned the energy and power of FOCUS; how to organize a huge project; and how determination was my best friend.

I was not about to let anything stop me.

I knew my competition. I knew my target market. And because I knew both of these intimately, I knew exactly how I needed to speak to that market. You might expect that the site was in the apparel or gift industry. It was not – in fact it was in an industry in which I was a complete novice – selling Alaska tours.

Basically here's what I did:

  1. Completely researched the marketplace with what little was on the internet at the time – along with trips to the library and talking with people who were knowledgeable about Alaska.
  2. Created the framework of how I wanted to navigate people through the site by creating a complete MAP of how they could find everything we were going to offer. Though seemingly complicated at first, it increasingly became more simple and logical and it did not matter how many new tours I added especially once the visual concept was created.
  3. Wrote interesting and informative copy directed at my target market
  4. Collected photos that were appropriate for the site
  5. Learned how to create a website by reading instructions and following directions

Once that was done, I was on to the next phase:

  1. Launched and then tweaked the site as needed
  2. Got the site listed in other sites– such as Cities in Alaska, Chambers etc.
  3. Mailed and called key travel agents
  4. Prayed 🙂
  5. Made sure I was in the know about all things Alaska

Want to know my results in a very seasonal industry?

Six months start to finish we did over $250K – and I did everything myself except run the tours. My office was in a tiny room – actually the laundry room in our house in Alaska. That was my hub. I talked to people on the phone – charged their credit cards and generated their tickets.

The reason I am sharing all this with you is because I want to impress upon you all of the opportunities you have for your businesses. With the huge changes in the marketplace over the last 12 years – WordPress – Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn – blogs – shopping carts – PayPal – and everything else there is no reason you can't get a business up and going in 30 days.

Stop thinking about your business and start taking action.

All it really takes is: FOCUS, DETERMINATION and DECISION. Can you do that? I think so.

You CAN do it!


© 2011 Jane Button International Design2Market Success


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Beverly Monical March 16, 2011 at 11:09 am

This is an awesome post.You are so natural on video.Have you ever considered doing more with video on your blog posts?Thanks for sharing.

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