Are you seeing yourself in the BIG Picture?

by Jane Button on September 6, 2010

Over the last few days I’ve had conversations with several clients and students. It’s great to connect with you and share your celebrations, visions, long term goals and amazing creativity. I am blown away by the fabulous ideas and products! There are some outstanding ideas and opportunities facing many of you.

But there’s something bothers me.

It’s not the lack of talent or ideas.

It’s not that you aren’t creating amazing products.

None of these….

It’s that many of you don’t seem to see the BIG picture and see yourself in it. I know several of you have always worked for someone else – created products for others and even though you say you want this for yourself you seem to be thinking small and indecisively.

You seem to be waffling: I can – I can’t – how can I possibly?

You see the idea and how big it can be – so either you think you don’t deserve it or you are afraid of something. It’s not lack of talent or ideas. Quite the contrary – you can do it – but can you make the decision to do it? Because when you decide there are no other choices – you step off the cliff and there’s no turning back.

I have an assignment for you. I’d like you to take some time this weekend to create a vision board. And what will make this vision board different is – I want you to start with a picture of you in the middle. Surround yourself with all the ideas for your business – along with what you want your life to look like 3 years from now.

Go to that place in your mind where you dream, where you create and create a vision for your best life. Put it on paper – no editing – no saying “but I can’t do that” or “how can I do that”. Right now the HOW is not important – decide on the WHAT first.

Have fun with this, and email me your results! I’d love to hear!

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