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Introducing "The Glue Gun Lady"


I Know You Want To Make Money Selling Your Crafts and Creations…

But here's the thing I'm asking – are you doing it now?

If you're anything like I was, the answer is a BIG FAT "NO" – in fact you may be in the MINUS MONEY like I was. 

I used to pull my little airstream all over the country, well, maybe not ALL over the country 'cause I haven't been to every state for a craft fair yet – but it sure seems like I was everywhere!

I'd pack up the kids, sometimes drag my best friend or my Mom. And off we'd go into the Wild Blue Yonder to make our fortune all jammed into Bessie (the airstream) sleeping in-between the crafts. boxes, props and stuff.

But  I did not make my fortune.

At least not at first.  Until I got wise; learned a lot by trial and error (mostly error) and at last I'm finally getting it down.

I'm making money – and what some folks would consider REAL MONEY.

It took me way too long. Oh the stories I could tell you (and probably will)!

So, now I'm figuring you might want to know what I know.

I made mistakes, took some big detours and I want share the secrets I learned that changed my craft business into a winner.

It's all about the fastest path to CASH (that means money). And honestly it's way more simple than I thought it would be.

I just didn't know. Now you will. This is a sampling

Knowing where to start (even when you have to back up)
What's best to focus on?
What are the right products to make the most money?
Staying out of overwhelm
Dealing with "well meaning" friends and family who have NO clue what you're doing
Pricing for profit – there is a right and wrong way!
Social Media – does it really work and should I do it?
Planning for profit (How on earth can I plan when I have so much to do?)
Should I get an Etsy Shop?
Which craft shows are the best for my products?
How do I take care of my family and build a business?

Why should you listen to me?

I'm a Mom. I need to make a living. I have learned to make a GOOD living. And I love love love creating things – that's why I'm affectionately called "The Glue Gun Lady". Yep, Martha Stewart has nothing on my craft antics.

As time goes on I'll be telliing my story. But for now I just want you to know that I was desparate – I might have been called "The Desparate Glue Gun Lady" after I was deeply in debt – thinking I could do just one more show…just one more project.

And Low and Behold – after paying attention, making changes and making decisions – I had a real business making real money! And I vowed I was going to help other people do the same thing.

You see once I knew the secrets it was simple. I could now do what I love and turn my Crafts to Cash. No day job for me sitting behind a desk not being able to do things with my kids! No Way – that's not how I want to live. And if you're reading this you probably feel the same way.

Back to the Issue at hand….

You want to make money, make a living with creative products, but somehow it's not working for you. And you're busy – you don't have the time for taking a huge course with hours and hours of training.

Honestly I hear you – I truly get it 'cause I've been there. This is why I am introducing:

Craft 2 Cash Made Simple Secrets











You want the secrets you can implement easily – so you can get rapid results and start making more money using your creativity, making sales of your products.

So I'm going to let you look over my shoulder and start giving you the Craft 2 Cash Made Simple Secrets…..

Every Thursday, I'll be sending you:

  • Strategies, ideas or resource information you can easily digest and implement
  • We'll be focusing on Making Money turing your Crafts 2 Cash with your creative product business
  • Formats may vary – an audio; a short video; screenshots showing you how to do something or written instructions.
  • There will be assignments so you can practice right away!

It's completely user-friendly and easy to understand. .

Plus there's no long term commitment.- no loans required – it an easy 33 cents a day!

$10 per month. Nothing more to buy – No Catch – No long-term contract.

  • Automated billing every 30 days
  • No logging in – everything comes directly to you
  • Cancel at any time
  • Visa / Mastercard / Discover / Amex

But I'm SO Busy – when will I find the time?

I'm like you – ever since my business has taken off, I don't have a lot of time either. Between the business, the kids and traveling in "Bessie" my days are filled. So I'm making this super easy for you and for me. What you'll learn here is in bite sized pieces. And if you've got questions pop on over to facebook and ask – I'm always happy to help you there!

This is NOT going to be something you have to spend hours and hours holed up in a locked room to understand and implement. Just give yourself around 40 minutes a week – and then go on with your busy life!



"Thank you! I have proven to myself that I deserve to live my dreams… "  Jo Demetra

"She has great experience in the craft field, loads of tips, tricks and vendor solutions, as well as heartfelt encouragement.  – Brenda Gemmel

Only $10 – that's like 3 lattes a month – Hello! That's All!

  • What if you learned one great strategy for making money doing what you love?
  • What if you sell your crafts or creations to a store and start selling wholesale?
  • What if you were featured in a magazine or mentioned in a blog?
  • What if you doubled your sales at a craft show?
  • What if you could spend more time with your family and made more money?

Honestly, this could happen – Really – with some of the weekly lessons. Is that worth a measly $10?

I can't wait to start teaching you my Craft to Cash Simple Secrets – because once you get it you will start making the bucks – just like I did.

P.S. And as a Special BONUS because you're signing up over Labor Day I'm gonna sweeten the deal. Sign up by Monday September 5th midnight and I'll throw in an amazing Class just in time to help you get ready for holiday sales:

"Craft 2 Cash Rescue"How to sell more Products & Make More Money NOW at Holiday Craft Fairs,  Bazaars and Markets. Secrets you need to know NOW to Boost Your Sales This Season Before It's Too Late!



  P.S.S. Still not really sure? Go ahead try it for a month – grab the bonus. It's just $10 and no hard feelings if you cancel. But remember there are no refunds after the payment has been made. Just let us know before the next month's payment is due and we'll cancel your membership!

Okay – see y'all soon! I'm getting "Bessie" all filled up with goodies for camping this weekend. The kids, my Mom and I are heading out for a crafting, camping adventure!

Hugs to you!

GG Lady!


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