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10 Simple Steps To Launch Your BIG IDEA: From Design Concept 2 Market

Okay – so we've done it at LAST!  

Our FREE mini course, 

"10 Simple Steps to Launch Your BIG Idea From Design Concept to Market: " Turn Your BIG Idea Into a Money Making Business From Design Concept to Profit " (and everything in-between) has been extremely popular and downloaded thousands of times.

And when we received emails saying people were not getting all the steps (for one reason or another), I decided to turn all the steps into an E-BOOK so people did not have to wait – and could get everything at one time – no delays!
Along the way, the steps were upgraded with more content – and more information.
So grab this while it's still completely free. Because I showed this to my business coach and she told me I was crazy to be giving this way! For now I am ignoring her – I want you to have everything!
And there's a great free offer at the very end, Step #11 :-)
All you need to do is click this link to download everything right away!
                                             10 SIMPLE STEP E-BOOK
Don't think there is not value in this book just because it's FREE – this is priceless information compiled from my 20+++ years of industry experience.
 Love and Success – You CAN do it!
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“Are You Just Dreaming About Turning Your BIG IDEA Into A Business,
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“These 5 Designing Women Tell You What You Need to Know About How To Turn Your
PRODUCT IDEA Into A Business” They will not just inspire you, but give you essential information, tips and ideas you need to take your own product and turn it into a business.

This is NOT the stuff you’ll find in business books – these are real women with real products who made a decision to start and ventured into the marketplace with their products for a variety of reasons.


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These are the stories of inspiring women who have taken a dream and turned it into a reality; a reality of turning a lifelong dream, passion or idea into a creative business. “When you love what you do the possibilities are endless.”