Creative Entrepreneurs with Passion, Persistence and Resolve

by Jane Button on February 27, 2012

I wanted you to see these happy faces – this picture was taken at the very end of the first Platinum Mastermind Retreat of the year! We spent two full days working on their BIG Ideas. – from children's products to beautiful art to inventions to wearable 

art! (And by by the way -Charlie Bear is standing in for his companion who was our photographer.)


When they left beautiful Phoenix, AZ each one had a blueprint, map, and calendar for getting their creative products out into the marketplace.
It's so important to surround yourself with supportive people – and spend concentrated time working on your business – not in your business. This is how dreams come true and businesses come to life!

I have no doubt these creative entrepreneurs are going to rock some industries and make some serious money with their unique ideas. We're looking at a few major launches this year and timing is everything with product launches!

What sets them apart from other creative entrepreneurs is their passion – passion for what they do – and their persistence and resolve. Every single one of them has made the decision to do whatever it takes.

That, my friends, sets them apart from the wantrepreneurs!


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