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While most creative people never get off the ground with their "Big Idea", I show you how you can make money doing what you love – from concept to market


Most Creative people like you who start a business do so because you see a niche in the market where you develop a better product than one that's already in the marketplace; come up with a brand new solution to getting something done; or simply have a fantastic creative product design.


It could be an invention, gift item, toy, book, a knit or sewn product or any other other tangible creative product is needed. You came up with a solution to a problem or a design that you were not able to find.


And because you are so creative you're great at developing the idea and starting out. You've had some successes and you're good at what you do.


You get to a certain point and you realize you don't have all the answers, the experience, or the time to learn it all on your own. Because you want to skip the mistakes and move your business forward with adding new products, adding more sales and being creative – you need help.


And there is an answer….there is a way. You can grow your business, your sales and your profits with the right systems in place and the right help "doing the rest of the business". It takes knowing what's already going on within your business and strategizing your systems and marketing so you can grow and work "on" your business instead of "in" your business.


If you're looking for answers, then you've come to the right place. I teach what no one else in the industry wants you to know.


And more importantly I've already made the mistakes for you. I've had the experience in building a multi-million dollar product based businesses. I know HOW to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be – and likely beyond where you thought you could go!





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Are You Ready To


 Make Serious Money


with Your Product


Idea ?



If you're brand new to Design 2 Market Success, you might be wondering where to start. It actually all depends on where you are right now with your creative product business.


Just starting out and dipping your toe into turning your creative idea into a money making business? Start by reading our articles: Free Articles on Making Money with your Creative Products or reading more on my blog Where you'll find a lot of tips and ideas.


Laser Strategy Session


Need help on a particular part of your business? A scheduled LASER STRATEGY SESSION is the perfect way to get answers and solve some immediate challenges that are going on within your business OR if you have a "big idea" you need to brainstorm. MORE >


Creative Platinum MasterMind


It's a High Level Mastermind Program designed to create momentum in all areas of your creative product business. With retreats, group training and plenty of time for connecting with others – there is also one on one coaching for your specific needs with email support directly from Jane. It's the perfect way to Fast Track.


By Application only MORE>


VIP Private Platinum

One on One Program


This is definitely not for everyone. Just for those who are serious about their business and want to fast track their business, products or lines with an action plan and accountability over a 6-12 month period. This is my special invitational private fast track VIP program where we work privately one on one to get you & your products to the next level.


We work on all parts of your business including areas such as your product lines, marketing, PR, operations, systems, sales, branding and much more! 


If you'd like to be considered (there is an application process), send an email to with VIP in the subject line and we'll get you more information and an application.


The program requires a lot of work & dedication on your part – so be prepared to roll up your sleeves!